The last month has been crazy. Colin and I were discussing how many cons had happened in the last month. Honestly we couldn’t remember, probably since its one a.m. on day three of Fan Expo and we are both tired. But after much discussion and debate we just check Facebook. So two cons back to back then a short break then two cons back to back again. We estimate over 9000 photos. (Yes I said it, get over it) So even before we start editing photos from fan expo we are already back logged.

In the last six weeks we have gone from an idea that started in a Starbucks to spending time with the most interesting Cosplayers and Photographers on the west coast. So after we get some sleep and actually get to eat proper food other Starbucks (Colin just said otherwise, but since he is editing and I am typing we will stick with what I think), we will editing and posting a storm. So get ready for so much content coming in the next couple weeks. We are so pump for all the pictures that we took and cannot wait to share them all you. A big thanks to all our models and Photographers and especially all of our fans.