With over 8 years’ experience in photo imaging and composition, The Kaigan is proud to introduce Cosplay Photo Editing. Opening the door to fantasy for fans, photographers, and friends alike, The Kaigan is now taking submissions on providing industry standard and composite photo editing specifically tuned to Cosplay.

Choose from three types of editing including Basic Editing, Cosplay Retouch and Kaigan Composite. Each provides a unique type of editing that brings your cosplay to life in whatever fantasy and look it may be. Check our portfolio for examples, or see below for specific insight on each type of editing.


Our basic editing package, which starts at just $10 per photo, provides all the basics you would expect from a quality edit. Everything from color corrections, sharpness, skin tone correction, blemish removal, lighting adjustments and more.


For a step up from our basic editing, the Cosplay Retouch employed industry standard Fashion and Portrait retouching techniques to bring out all the detail in the Cosplay. Shaping armor, increasing the presence of texture or metallic surfaces, the Cosplay Retouch bring your costume to life, and blends it into reality.


To get the most from your photo, we recommend The Kaigan Composite. A unique blend of our own custom Cosplay retouching, fashion and portrait editing techniques, combined with special effects, lighting, and magic to make it all come together. Kaigan Composite editing blends reality with fantasy and attracts attention fast.


We love cosplay, and we love absolutely everything about it. All proceeds are investing back into The Kaigan and the Kaigan team to continually improve and push the limits of Cosplay photography. By recouping some of our operating costs through selling editing to the fans whom may not have access to it, we are able to keep attending conventions and meeting all of your faces. We’re happy to have on board our photo editing and graphic design team, in addition to the many photographers we work with.


Our team has worked with a wide variety of images, having over 8 years experience editing almost 381,000 images for a variety of companies including, means your photo doesn’t need to be perfect, to get great results!

Ideally, we work with high-resolution RAW files and TIFF when possible, but even a JPEG from a point and shoot or smartphone is good enough to really transform through a Cosplay Retouch. Whatever the need, our team has the skill necessary to transform it into something.