Shot and edited by The Kaigan, this Mass Effect composite of SpaceHamser’s Cosplay took 1 hour 9 minutes total to edit. The video above, shortened to just 3 minutes shows the continual editing of how the composite came together.

Although our editor, Colin, has done live-editing and time-lapse videos previously, this is the first Kaigan time-lapse video–which of course was shot at 2AM on a Tuesday.


-Initially the video starts out editing in Camera RAW from a Canon 6D, 50mm F1.2 lens

-Editing progresses to Photoshop where initial detail is added to the armor, skin smoothed, and light-shading to help shape how light falls on the Cosplay.

-Once finished, a custom mask was made around the subject to isolate in preparation for the poster-style background.

-Background was created from several standard Mass Effect backgrounds, ship renderings.

-Several effects were added to in the background to give it a more unique feel than the original fan-art.

-Lots of blending (bluring, shading, coloring) was done to blend all the images together properly. Even tilt-shift was used a few times for gradient blurs in the background, as well as lighting and lens-flare effects.

-Final touches were the screen-type texture and curves for the final edit.