Starting this week we will be working to feature various cosplayers we have worked with in the past and provide greater insight into their work and experience as a cosplayer. To start, this week we are featuring Tarah-Rex Cosplay, whom we have been working closely with since GottaCon 2015 in Victoria. One of the most notable ones of course is her Bombshell Black Canary which was shot at Hermans Jazz Club which presented the perfect location for this iconic shoot.

If you don’t already follow her, be sure to checkout her Facebook Page Here.

How long have you been Cosplaying for?

3 years

What got you started in the Cosplay?

After seeing Cosplay and knowing cosplayers for several years, I decided to jump in head first and try it for myself. I challenged myself to make one cosplay. After it was complete I was hooked and have been continuously making costumes ever since.

What kind of Cosplayer do you consider yourself?

A perfectionist. I try and make my Cosplays 100% accurate as if it walked right out of the game/movie/show/book.

What is a Cosplay pet peeve of yours?

A lack of detailing/weathering. A costume can be beautifully sewn or put together, but a costume is never finished/polished until it has small details or weathering that show you really know the character and understand them. The creative details are what tie it all together.

If you could cosplay anywhere in the world, where would it be?


The Portland San Dunes

Any active volcano area

Japan for the beautiful gardens

Any of the ice castle locations in the winter in the US

Venice Italy

The Roman Colosseum

Any abandoned city or castle anywhere

Do you have Cosplays that are sometimes painful or uncomfortable? Are you willing to bleed for your art? If so, how much?

YES! A cosplay isn’t complete without some blood and tears sewn into it. It really depends on the character. If I am strongly attached to them I will do whatever it takes to complete the costume standards. If a costume ever causes me too much stress that I no longer want to finish it I take it as a sign to take a break and focus on something else.

Do you have a current Cosplay favorite?

I will always consider Yaya Han my greatest inspiration with Cosplay. Everything she makes is absolutely beautiful and her ideals about Cosplay are so encouraging.

Section Three: Your Cosplay

Costume/Character Name

Bombshell Black Canary

Did you make the costume?


Why did you choose this Costume/Character?

I fell in love with the design right away. I chose it to challenge myself to make well fitted normal clothes and heavily alter clothing. I saw it as a new type of challenge to tackle and I thought it was a nice, casual change of pace from my more heavy duty cosplays.

How much time and effort did this costume require?

All in all this costume took me about a week of work in the evenings to complete. I took in the shirt (it was originally a loose fitting boyfriend style shirt) and made a new collar for it. I added new buttons to the shirt and sewed the skirt from scratch. I made a custom belt buckle and took in the belt as I couldn’t find a suitable one in my size. I styled the spiral curls in the wig using heat and ridiculous amounts of hairspray. I modified the shoes by painting the heels.

What was the most difficult and time consuming part of making this outfit?

Oddly enough, modifying the belt buckle was the most difficult. It took several different methods and attempts to make it look clean and metal cast.

What was the most frustrating part of making this costume?


What was the funniest moment while in this costume?

The hilarious tricks I used to create the illusion of beautiful, over bearing boobs, and the fact that I stored EVERYTHING in them while at conventions (3 lipsticks, ID Cards, my business cards, collected business cards, a contact lense case and a cell phone).

Section Four: Con Life

Do you have any pre-con routines?

I wake up early, lay out my costume pieces to make sure I have everything, and get ready at a leisurely pace while listening to good music. The point is to keep low stress.

The first thing you do when walking into a convention is:

Take a deep breath.

Your reaction when someone recognizes you at a convention is:


Your guilty pleasure con food is:

A toss up between Cheesecake Factory and the nearest Starbucks or Tim Hortons

At a convention you’re most likely to spot:

Awesome people. Everywhere.

Once a convention is done the first thing you do is:

Disassemble myself as fast as possible and sleep.